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Predator Team helps SOS Mamas


About us - Fundació Predator

Predator Team helps SOS Mamas

Predator Team helps S.O.S. Mamas

This aid was also still carried out directly by Predator SL, our benefactor and its staff, as the foundation was still in the process of being established. And to be precise: the Predator Team helps S.O.S. Mamas, a fine example of direct and uncomplicated help from people for people:

What happened?

Predator SL bought a house in Puerto d’Andratx a few months ago. Very nice location, the first floor is currently a restaurant, the two upper floor – apartments they are converting into two penthouse apartments. Fantastic view. Direct location in the first place. And still on foot in the village.

Mallorca with Corona was not fun

But Mallorca is not only luxury. Many more people are in a bad economic situation here than we can imagine in Germany. Not only because of the dependence on tourism and “thanks” to Corona. Also because of the much thinner social safety net than in other countries. Therefore, Predator SL has already started charity projects a few months ago and also started the process of establishing the “Fundació Predator”, a non-profit foundation.

The idea

Predator bought the apartments in the property furnished. Usually they then sell the furniture. And what can’t be sold is cleared out. Miguel Angel, one of the project engineers, had an idea: why don’t we donate the furniture? And the rest we clean up as usual. Great idea! After researching, Miguel Angel came into contact with Ascen Maestre, founder of SOS Mamas. She immediately had a few families in mind and they arranged to pick up the furniture on a Saturday. But furniture doesn’t just fly into the truck, it has to be transported through stairwells. And unfortunately, there are not unlimited helping hands here either. So Miguel Angel and Pilar, one of the designers, decided to help in a very practical way.
Saturday at 10:00 am we started. And at 13:00 the truck was indeed full. And hopefully a few families could be helped. The team is still sore today, but that’s not really supposed to be harmful 😉



“Moral of the story”

What this story also shows is that it doesn’t always have to be about big financial stakes. A good idea. Combined with a little organization and helpfulness helps others. We at Fundació Predator would also like to make a strong case for this.

Predator Team helps SOS Mamas House

Predator SL building in Port d’Andratx

Predator Team helps SOS Mama's truck

The truck from S.O.S. Mamas on site

Predator helps SOS Mamas

With combined forces

Predator helps SOS Mamas Pilar

Ascen Maestre from S.O.S. Mamas and Pilar

What do we do differently?

We would like to "extend help". Therefore, we primarily address voluntary, mostly smaller organizations that provide assistance on the ground. And which we can support with our resources.

We place particular emphasis on the efficiency of the aid measures and their sustainability. We want to ensure our donors that your help will be received in full. And not used for administrative tasks or salaries. We understand that large organizations cannot fulfill all activities on a voluntary basis, but we have set ourselves the goal of being able to ensure the highest possible efficiency of the capital invested. In the same way, it is important for us to be a strong project partner. And work very closely with the organizations we support. Also so that we have complete transparency about the use of funds.

Our mission

Inequality in the world is increasing more and more. At the same time, there are many dedicated small organizations that are tackling things in their neighborhoods or on a larger scale. And help. We would like to support them so that they can help even better.

Our vision

We believe that everyone in society should do their part to make our world a better place. Each, according to his possibilities. We can offer organizations resources they need to support the fantastic work they've mostly been doing on the ground for a long time.

Help us with your donation,

together we do even more good!

That's a promise: Not one cent of your donation will be spent on bureaucracy. Neither with us. Still in our projects! If you are thinking about making a larger donation, we are happy to set up sponsorships for projects. Both for companies and for private individuals. Your donations to Fundació Predator are donations to a non-profit corporation and are effective for tax purposes in both Germany and Spain.