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About us – Fundació Predator

Fundació Predator is a non-profit foundation under Mallorcan law that works for charitable purposes in Mallorca.

How you can help

Get in touch to help

Volunteer program

Whether you help us find projects. and to care for them. Or would like to contribute in projects work performance, we are happy about any help!

Sponsors program

How about your company sponsoring a project? We take care of the setup and also the PR. So that your help is no longer abstract and distant, but a concrete project with which you and your colleagues can identify.

Donate to us

100% of donations go to our projects. We don’t spend a single cent on administration, personnel or other costs. Promise!

Due to our non-profit status, we are happy to issue donation receipts that are tax deductible in Spain and Germany.

Who we are

The Fundació Predator is a non-profit foundation under Mallorcan law. A charitable foundation is a legal entity that, simply put, owns itself. The founder therefore donates assets to the foundation, which he can then no longer access, because the owner of the foundation assets is the foundation itself. This, in turn, is strictly controlled by the supervisory authorities.

Our history

The Fundació Predator was endowed by Predator SL, a real estate company that rents its own houses and apartments mainly in the Palma area. And sporadically developed projects for sale. It was founded by Arnd v. Wedemeyer, who previously founded and managed the online store notebooksbilliger.de in Germany. The companies of the group have always supported charity work. But Arnd’s goal was to be more focused. And to enable sustainable work in the charitable sector.

In December 2021, the Fundació Predator was endowed with 250,000 euros of capital by Predator SL. The Management Committee consists of the directors Arnd v. Wedemeyer, Xenia v. Wedemeyer and Gabriel Nadal-Fortuny.

Ongoing projects

Projects in which we are currently involved. Help us that the listing here becomes bigger very quickly!

Predator Team helps S.O.S. Mamas

Predator helps S.O.S. Mamas

In Port d’Andratx we donated used furniture to S.O.S. Mamas and the team used their free time.


Help for families in Pollenca

Together with the restaurant R3SPIRA and the Town Hall, we have been helping needy families in Pollenca since June 2021.

What do we do differently?

We would like to "extend help". Therefore, we primarily address voluntary, mostly smaller organizations that provide assistance on the ground. And which we can support with our resources.

We place particular emphasis on the efficiency of the aid measures and their sustainability. We want to ensure our donors that your help will be received in full. And not used for administrative tasks or salaries. We understand that large organizations cannot fulfill all activities on a voluntary basis, but we have set ourselves the goal of being able to ensure the highest possible efficiency of the capital invested. In the same way, it is important for us to be a strong project partner. And work very closely with the organizations we support. Also so that we have complete transparency about the use of funds.

Our mission

Inequality in the world is increasing more and more. At the same time, there are many dedicated small organizations that are tackling things in their neighborhoods or on a larger scale. And help. We would like to support them so that they can help even better.

Our vision

We believe that everyone in society should do their part to make our world a better place. Each, according to his possibilities. We can offer organizations resources they need to support the fantastic work they've mostly been doing on the ground for a long time.

Join us as a volunteer!

A large part of our work is finding interesting projects. And figure out how we can help according to our guidelines. Do you want to join us? Then write to us!


Join now

Endowment capital:

€ 250.000

Our benefactor, Predator SL, has endowed us with € 250,000 in foundation capital. From the income from the investment of this capital, we finance the expenses in the social projects that we support.

Office and staff expenses are covered by our benefactor, so we can guarantee that 100% of the donations and grants we receive will go to our projects without any detours or deductions.


Help in Mallorca

We want to support projects in Mallorca because Mallorca is our home. And because we can only implement our guidelines well and efficiently in the vicinity, especially the direct support of the projects on site.

News & Updates

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Get in touch. And join in!

We can use support. This can be donations, sponsorship, or volunteer help either for us or for the projects we support.

C/ Vicari Joaquim Fuster, 31 07006 Palma

+34 648 943 746